Preschool ProgramsIMG 0360
Preschool classes run 45 minutes to one hour
with a cost of $1 per student to cover materials.
Twelve (12) student minimum.

The First Americans
Introduce your students to the Museum with a program designed to focus on foods and legends of Native Americans. The first Thanksgiving will be covered briefly to introduce the program. Foods grown by the Native Americans will be introduced. The students will hear a legend about how stars were created from corn meal and a related craft will be made.

Dinosaur Dig!
This program is designed to introduce students to the world of dinosaurs. The
program begins with a short video introducing dinosaurs and explaining how they
end up in museums as fossils. The program continues with a dinosaur craft and ends with a visit to "The Big Dig" - a replica of an actual dig site. The Dig features both land and sea creatures and promotes an opportunity for kids of all ages to explore the field of paleontology.

The Farm
Come and find farm artifacts at the Museum. This program begins with a story about Otis the Tractor and life on the farm. A story related farm craft will be completed by the students. The program continues with a short scavenger hunt in the Museum gallery to look for farm artifacts. Time permitting a game may be played.

Pioneer Life
This program is designed to help students learn about our early settlers and their way of life. A pictorial discussion of early settlers will start the program. A story or two will be read to demonstrate this way of life. Artifacts will be used to aide in the program. A related craft will be completed and students will view the log cabin in the gallery.

Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (712) 279-6174.

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IMG 4426Elementary School Programs

*School programs run approximately 60 to 75 minutes.

And Away We Go!    K – 1st grades
Take off on an adventure exploring the Museum for different modes of transportation. Kids will explore inventions, industries and the history of travel in Sioux City.

Timelines, Maps & Community    2nd - 3rd grades
Students will compare early settlers’ and Native American cultures and interactions, sequence events on a timeline, and work with maps. This class engages kids in hands-on activities while exploring history at the Museum.

The Best of Sioux City     4th – 5th grades
An overview of the current Museum exhibitions is a natural fit for any student studying Sioux City or Iowa history. Highlights such as our orientation film, Time Machine, and disaster wall are an exciting way to explore historical resources.

*All of our school programs will be designed to meet curriculum standards outlined by Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota in the grades listed.

Rocks & Minerals Classroom
Our new facility allows us to offer something completely new! A dedicated classroom filled with rare and magnificent examples of rocks, minerals, meteorites and other geological specimens to touch and discover. The room can be reserved and used by your class a few hours or all day.

Download the School Programs pdf


MLK NHS Student film 2014-IMG 0601Middle - High School Groups

We will collaborate with teachers to offer focused tours on a subject that fits with their curriculum. Economics, industrial revolution, archaeology or culture/ethnicity are a few subjects that would work well, but we are open to your ideas!

Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
or (
712) 279-6174.

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